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In our highly stimulating environment, it is often difficult to process our relational experiences as they occur.

It is easy to feel weighed down by a situation that occurred weeks, months or even years ago and hard to remain in the present moment when you are carrying relationships that have changed or ended.

A cord-cutting is a magickal ritual used by witches to process and sever the connection to relationship contracts in our past.

The act of intentionally acknowledging, processing and ending a relationship agreement that is no longer serving you is an empowering tool of reclaiming your personal power.

In May, I am offering five spots for personal 1:1 cord-cutting services

in these 1:1 cord-cuttings, I will facilitate a personalized cord-cutting ritual just for you.

This ritual includes:

-A Tarot reading on the subject of the relationship(s) at hand

-A cord-cutting ritual performed by us

-A time for processing and debrief, plus divined for instructions on how to proceed once the cord-cutting is over.

1:1 cord-cuttings take approximately 75 minutes to perform, but please leave around 30 minutes at the end as they can go over.


Q. Who can I do cord-cuttings with?

A. Any person, organization or institution you have a previous relationship with. Examples include partners, siblings, friends, bosses, collaborators, mentors, schools, churches, etc.

Q. Can I do a cord-cutting with someone I still want in my life?

A. Yes! Cord-cuttings are a great way to practice relationship hygiene. Cord-cuttings within existing relationships provide the room for change and growth. That said, cord-cuttings are also a great way to reinforce the termination of a relationship if you are ready to move on.

Q. What is a relationship contact?

A. Relationship contracts are agreements that two people enter into regarding their behavior, actions, etc. Relationship contracts often arise without verbal agreement and can range from who will do the dishes, to who is allowed to speak about their feelings. Relationship contracts are not always entered into willingly.

To book your cord-cutting and release contracts from your past, use the form below.