April Group Cord-Cutting Service

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April Group Cord-Cutting Service

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Group Cord-Cutting Service - Sliding Scale

On the evening of Friday, April 5, I will be providing a group cord-cutting service timed with the New Moon in Aries.

This cord-cutting service is designed to give participants space and privacy from unwanted energetic bonds with individuals, institutions and organizations.

Cord-cuttings are a ritual practice used to release any contracts, connections or agreements between the participant and any individual, entity or organization of their choosing.

Cord-cuttings allow us to fully, energetically disconnect and detach from commitments and agreements we have already mentally and/or emotionally moved on from. Cord-cuttings do not necessarily mean that you have to release any current relationship that you are happy with (for instance, cord-cuttings can be done on parents or partners even if the relationship is in tact) they are a contract renegotiation.

Suggested relationships that are good for cord-cuttings (whether the relationship is ongoing or has ended):

romantic partners, employers, employees, universities, churches/pastors, parents, etc.

Participants may ask for a certain cord/s to be released, or they may be open to whichever cords are ready to be cut at this time (meaning you can give me a name, or just let me cut whichever cords are ready to be cut at this time)

The service will take place in the evening on April 5. Every participant’s name and cord-cutting will be spoken out loud in ritual space by Anna Joy, and those cords will be ritually severed via athame. Participants will also receive a group video update describing the events of the service and sharing relevant channeled energetic information on the subject.

Sliding Scale options: $20, $25 or $30

*PLEASE NOTE I AM OFFERING 2 COMPLEMENTARY SPOTS TO INDIVIDUALS WHO CANNOT AFFORD THIS SERVICE AND WHO ARE MARGINALIZED BY SYSTEMIC TRANSPHOBIA. If you would like to enter your name for a complementary spot, please email me at annajoy@annajoyhealing.com*

If you are ready to move into April with a lighter load of energetic baggage, and feel called to go especially deep into your healing journey at this time, I invite you to participate.

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