Spiritual Mentorship

with Anna Joy

You are a powerful witch (or would like to be one), who finds yourself at a crossroads regarding your current purpose, how to use your power, and translating the deep, intuitive call you feel into the next logical and practical step in your life.

You may be successful in a traditional career or aspiration which didn’t turn out to satisfy you on a deep, personal level. This left you feeling confused and even a bit disappointed.

Now, you wonder what in the world would satisfy you and make proper use of your notable talents and power. You may even find yourself beginning to wonder if any lifestyle or vocation will truly satisfy you.

I am here to help. 


My name is Anna Joy, author of The Queer Witch.

I am a solitary practitioner of magick, astrology, energetic medicine and personal revolution against the systems of marginalization that permeate our lives and disconnect us from our inherent understanding of who we are and what we came here to do.

I have personally worked with hundreds of clients including 12 mentees just like yourself who knew of their personal magickal ability and sought guidance to get from where they were, including the habits, attachments and reactions that no longer served them, to where they wanted to go. 

I have supported several clients through the process of transitioning from one way of life to another, from a job into self-employement, out of relationships that did not satisfy them and deeper into relationships which did.

Through a process of deep psychic development, energetic blockage removal and conversation with ancestors and higher selves, I facilitate queer witches who are on the journey of taking their power back from false, cishetpartriarchal stories about who they are what they should be doing, and investing that power into their authentic desires and intuition.

In my 90-day Mentorship Program, I will guide you through:

  • Assessing your current beliefs, patterns and attachments and deciding which to keep and which to let go of and which to transform including gentle accountability to get you there.

  • Co-facilitating healing rituals in shared sacred space that metaphysically remove blockages preventing you from understanding where to place your power in this lifetime.

  • Assessing and making sense of your personal lore and mythology including dreams, family stories, symbols and psychic experiences.

  • Developing a lifestyle and way of supporting yourself that feels in alignment with your current personal values on a daily basis.

    Mentorship with Anna Joy includes:

    -Two 90-minute, live 1:1 sessions with Anna Joy each month

    -Access to worksheets designed by Anna Joy to help make the most of sessions and time in between

    -Access to The Queer Witch Coven, including resources such as Anna Joy’s “Queer & Nonbinary Astrology” self-guided Course

    -Email support from Anna Joy throughout the duration of the Mentorship

    -Digital copies of all Tarot readings done as part of the Mentorship

Hear what current Mentees have to say:

Anna Joy has helped me get very embodied and understand myself on a deeper level. They held me accountable by holding a mirror up to my life. Anna Joy is a deep listener and extremely good at hearing things that I’m not saying and summarizing as well as conceptualizing them in ways I couldn’t do on my own.
— Id
I developed chronic pain in early 2017, and when I started to wonder if my pain might be related to energetic blockages, I decided to give energy healing a try. I chose to work with Anna Joy in fall of 2017 because their approach to their services lines up very well with my personal values. I’ve seen Anna Joy every two weeks since then, and have expanded from basic energy work sessions to participating in their mentorship program, an experience that we have personalized to a rich and holistic melding of energy work and coaching.
— Kate

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