Spiritual Mentorship

You know that your queerness is a magickal power.

Under the guidance of an experienced and vetted Queer Witch, you can figure out exactly how your powers work and what to do with them.

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As modern-day witches, many of us do not have the historical and communal context that our ancestors did when it comes to discovering our spiritual practices, psychic gifts and life purpose.

Yet we are called to discover them.

Mentorship with an experienced witch who is in alignment with your belief systems is one of the most reliable and effective ways of discovering your truth, path, and way forward.

Mentors are not here to teach you how to be a witch; they are to help you discover the knowing that is already within you.

Spiritual Mentorship sessions with Anna Joy are an integrative modality that combines their expertise in Tarot, Energy Healing, Astrology, Ancestral Healing and Intuitive Ritual. These mentorship sessions are appropriate for those who wish to learn a certain modality such as Tarot or Astrology, those who wish to become a practicing or professional witch, and those who feel called to heal themselves and the world around them.

Spiritual Mentorships are not appropriate for those who are in a crisis situation regarding their mental, emotional or physical health. (For support with crisis situations, Anna Joy recommends a simple tarot reading which can be found here).

Ready to begin?

Spiritual Mentorship starts on November 1, 2018.

Anna Joy is currently accepting seven (7) spiritual mentees.

Mentorship with Anna Joy occurs on an ongoing monthly basis. Each month you will get:

-Two (2) 1-hour 1:1 spiritual mentorship sessions with Anna Joy

-Two (2) personal energetic updates delivered via email from Anna Joy

-Access to a small, private Facebook group that is exclusively for those enrolled in this Spiritual Mentorship program.

-Access to all Patron materials including the monthly Queer Witch Newsletter and any other bonus content

-A bonus 1:1 session with Anna Joy every three months to review your progress.

Please note: Spiritual Mentorships with Anna Joy are a three-month commitment

Your monthly investment: $375

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