Podcast Episode 25: Revelations, A Scorpio Review and Discussion of Gender-Inclusive Witchcraft

On this New Moon in Scorpio, we have the opportunity to fully inspect and emote the revelations we’ve experienced about our personal occultism, taboo experiences and magic.

Anna Joy begins this episode by highlighting the recent Queer Witch Community (join in at discussion about “Divine Feminity vs Divine Masculinity” that was triggered by comments made in Episode 24: Love is LOVE with Tonya Gonzalez (trigger warning in the aforementioned episode and this one for possible discussions of gender essentialism and binary notions of gender).

Anna Joy discusses the general context of the Divine Feminine/Divine Masculine theory within mainstream New Age, Wiccan and Pagan cultures, what it is founded upon theoretically and why it is so mainstream. They also discuss the violent use of the Divine Feminine/Divine Masculine theory within  Second-Wave Feminism & Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminism and why it is important to consider the experience of gender non-conforming, genderqueer, trans and nonbinary witches when sharing your viewpoints on magick.

Next, Anna Joy imparts their own, nonbinary understanding of the idea of Divine Dualism as a replacement for what shall now be termed “The Divine Gender Binary” through the lens of astrology, including:

-the relationship between the Sun and the Earth

-Venus and Mars within the natal chart

-Lunar activity

Building off of the final point, Anna Joy launches into a discussion of how to use lunar cycles in your magickal practice, and how to specifically work with all New Moons as well as today’s New Moon in Scorpio.

Finally, we have a brief discussion of Jupiter in Scorpio’s influence over us for the past 12 months and how today’s New Moon in Scorpio is the season finale of all this activity.

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Podcast Episode 14: Rise Up! Good Witch Talks Queerness & Chiron


This week Anna Joy talks to Corinna of Rise Up! Good Witch


“Corinna Rosella is a self-proclaimed 'good magic witch' living in humboldt county, california. she uses wildcrafted and garden grown herbs to make magical plant medicine, and uses 8 years of in-depth tarot insight to tell folks stories about their barriers and setbacks. The tarot is an old ancient way of applying human archetypes to human conditions, and offers us powerful tools in making the changes we need. “


We talk about:


-Chiron in Aries and Corinna remembering how trauma and mental illness displaced a childhood alignment with witchcraft as she moved into teenage and and young adulthood


-how Rise Up! Good Witch came at the end of 20 years of trying to control and suppress her empathic abilities and downplay her quirky qualities, when memories of childhood potion making began bubblin up




-how Corinna’s punk background sort of prevented her from getting into the witch subculture for a while


-being a non-woo social justice witch and how it can be hard to identify with spiritual communities who aren’t


-why the phrase “low-vibration” doesn’t mean shit


-how trying to be “less intense” and not talk about “low vibrational” stuff led Corinna down a difficult path and how much better she feels being a weirdo witch!!


-mental health stigma in new age communities


-How being unabashedly queer is not only magickal, but anti-capitalist!


-Acknowledging our cishet-passing privilege


-Chiron in taurus and we chat about our natal charts


-Challenging ourselves to do better and investigate internalized systems of oppression as collective self-care


-How opposing and dismantling colonialism and white supremacy makes the world a healthier place for everyone


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Podcast Episode 7: Internet Censorship & Uranus in Taurus with Anna Joy

In this personal episode of the Queer Witch Podcast, Anna Joy discusses her experience with having her Facebook ads censored due to supposed “sexual content” - sexual content that was nowhere to be! Hear that story and how Anna Joy feels it connects to the issue of Internet censorship, net neutrality and SESTA-FOSTA.


In the second part of the episode, Anna Joy describes the May 15, 2018 transit of Uranus from Aries into Taurus, what that means for us individually and as a society, and how you can learn more.


The Savage Lovecast episode Anna references is here:


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Mercury Retrograde in Aries

Mercury Retrograde in Aries

Whatever you find yourself ruminating on over the next few weeks (and the past few weeks) likely has something to do with the way you have been reflexively relating to masculinity. Now you have the chance to let go of these oaths you made to patriarchy, oaths that you took at one time to be save and stay alive, but which are now preventing you from parenting this new expression of divine masculinity in your life. Let go of them; you will come to no harm by releasing that which is passed already.