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Compassion, Meditation and The Sacred Path of the Warrior

This week, I found myself doing something I hadn’t done in a while: meditating.

I felt called in my meditation to revisit a book I had once loved; Shambhala: The Sacred Path of the Warrior by Chogyam Trungpa. I bought this book from the Shambhala Center in Boston where I first learned meditation almost 7 years ago.

Chögyam Trungpa

Chögyam Trungpa

In this episode, I discuss:

-A brief intro to the context and content of Shambhala, which is a secular spiritual practice with its roots in Tibet

-A big question that has been on my mind: “How do I have compassion for myself knowing I benefit from systems of oppression? How do I find compassion for all living beings knowing that some of those beings are violent bigots?”

-My memories of learning to meditate and what meditation means to me

-Some of my favorite excerpts from The Sacred Path of the Warrior

If you would like to go deeper into The Sacred Path of the Warriro, there is a free pdf available of the book here:;The_Sacred_Path_of_the_Warrior_by_Chogya.pdf

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Podcast Episode 25: Wish You Were Here: A Samhain Special

This is a comfy episode. It’s all about family, loved ones and friends, living and dead. Sit down with some pumpkin spice tea, a snuggie and your dearly beloved for this All Hallow’s Eve special.

In this episode, Anna Joy keeps it casual with some personal reflection on how she got to her current ancestor practice, how it’s grown, and the ways it has allowed miracles to go down with her living family members. #vulnerability

Anna Joy discusses why she had a hard start to her ancestor practice - hint, memories of childhood abuse and estrangement from living family members - and how surprised she was when ancestor work came through to help her heal from the very pains that initially made ancestral healing seem like a no-go.

She discusses the importance - and misconceptions - around finding mentorship with living witches. She discusses relating to your dearly beloved in terms that make both of you feel safe. And, at the very end, you can Pray-Along with Anna Joy as she channels a special prayer for ancestral healing that can help realign our intergenerational narrative from one of oppression and confusion to one of solidarity and righteousness.

Plus, receive a free bonus download of a tarot spread Anna Joy designed just for your ancestors. And you.

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Podcast 23: The Science of Witchcraft with Anna Joy

Anna Joy is a witch professor

Anna Joy is a witch professor

Metafiction and Metaphysics?

Join host Anna Joy for a solo episode where they nerd out about the various scientific evidences there is for witchcraft being a real phenomenon and not make believe.

First, we discuss Anna Joy’s life directly before she discovered she was a witch: she was a creative writing student highly interested in the genre of metafiction.

We discuss such authors as:

Sheila Heti

Ben Lerner

James Joyce

David Foster Wallace

Jean Luis Borges

And get into why and how metafiction catapulted Anna Joy into realizing she was a REAL ACTUAL WITH WITH MAGICKAL POWERS HOLY SHIT!

Then we get into all kinds of fun and interesting scientific lessons, such as Dr. Masaru Emoto’s water experiements (read all about that here: and the documentary Memory Hackers and the subject of neuroplasticity (watch the documentary here:

Ultimately, the thesis of this episode is that we all have control over our own actions and that’s basically what witchcraft is. This episode was presided over by Hecate, the goddess of the crossroads, choice and witchcraft.

Visit to get a special pdf download that includes practical guidance on how to integrate the lessons we covered in today’s episode as well as a special tarot spread made by Hecate herself!

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Podcast Episode 21: Queer Desire and Manifestation

Podcast Episode 21: Queer Desire and Manifestation

A two-fer you may not have expected: the connection between sexual assault and creative manifestation. But how? Read on, listen or watch!

This week Anna Joy is talking about why queer representation is so essential in discussions and activism about sexual assault. This episode includes Anna Joy describing her own experiences with sexual assault and how healing from her assaults has required a dedication to uncovering her personal sexual desires. This is a very vulnerable episode and a passionate one that will strike a chord with every Queer Witch who has ever felt like their desires are taboo, unwelcome or dangerous in our society.

Podcast Episode 18: Psychic Development for Queer Witches

Do you ever feel confused about what you really want? Is it hard for you to tell the difference between anxiety and psychic information? Do you have natural psychic sensitivities that are difficult for you to control?


Then this episode was made lovingly, painstakingly, just for you, Queer Witch.

AnnaJoy (1).jpg


Anna Joy decided to dedicate an episode of The Queer Witch Podcast to one of her most common suggestion for one-on-one clients: Psychic Development.


When you’ve been raised since childhood to hide what makes you different, to fit into the crowd, and not to say things that make people uncomfortable, it’s hard to admit you’re queer. And it’s also hard to admit you’ve got extrasensory abilities.


But when we step into healing from queerphobia, misogyny, and capitalist suppositions of what our value is, when we step onto the path of reclaiming our authenticity, we run head first into another devalued and suppressed aspect of our identities: psychic ability.


Anna Joy shares what psychic development is and why it’s so important for the path of a Queer Witch working to reclaim their identity and experience from oppressive forces. She shares her own experience with psychic development and how it was surprisingly helpful for her journey with OCD & anxiety, plus the caveats of why psychic development may not have gone well for you before.


Then Anna Joy does some education on basic psychic development, including what the “Clairs” are and the difference between the conscious and unconscious mind. You will learn what the different psychic languages are, why embodiment is so essential for true psychic mastery, and a few different easy, safe techniques you can use to practice your own psychic development from a queer framework.


Plus, Anna Joy offers a free PDF download of a step-by-step process she created called “Entity Convos,” which is a safe and effective way to build your psychic skills as well as develop relationships to helpful spirits and entities. That download can be found at


So, take a listen and figure out today how to tell the difference between an anxious thought and spirit tapping you on the shoulder!


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Podcast Episode 15: Ancestral Healing as Anti-Plastic Shamanism

PODCAST logo 1.jpg

In this solo episode, Anna Joy shares another chapter of her personal ancestral healing journey, but first, an in-depth discussion of this Friday’s Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius and what it means for us as Queer Witches.


The lesson of the Blood Moon: stepping into our own unique, attractive and badass authenticity as an essential path towards the healing we deserve as individuals and as a community. Because if you can’t love yourself, how the hell are you going to love the people around you?


Then, Anna Joy takes this Blood Moon awareness and uses it to focus on her experiences learning about, rejecting, and later re-learning about her ancestral heritage as an Irish-American and what role Celtic paganism has played in her spiritual journey. She uses this tale as a case study for how we can step further into our authentic paths as Queer Witches by examining our own cultural heritage, and use that authenticity as a tool to disassemble systems of oppression, both internalized and externalized.


Thank you so much for listening to and supporting the Queer Witch Podcast. As a special thank you, Anna Joy is letting Queer Witch listeners in on an upcoming offering. Be the first to know by listening all the way to the end.


Documentary: White Shamans & Plastic Medicine Men


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Podcast Episode 13: New Moon/Eclipse in Cancer Collective Tarot Reading

This week Anna Joy comes to you solo with a collective tarot card reading about the July 12, 2018 new moon/eclipse in Cancer. This reading includes affirmation, advice and understanding.


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Podcast Episode 11: Ancestral Healing as Political Activism

This week, Anna Joy brings you a solo podcast episode inspired by recent events both in the political environment of the United States, but also in the anti-racist environment of instagram and social justice online culture. The common thread? Child separation at the border. The context Anna Joy is coming at this from? Ancestral healing as political action.


She starts off with a short poem about her ancestors and a moment to celebrate today’s Full Moon in Capricorn (find the youtube video where she goes into it deeper at and then gets into the content!

Anna Joy was encouraged by her own ancestors to share her family’s story about becoming colonizers in the United States. She shares her awareness of her Swedish lineage as a case study for how white women who want to do better can use their family stories of colonization to heal systems of oppression within themselves and their society in the current day.


And, if you stick around to the very end, Anna shares the ancestral practice she uses which was taught to her by Winifred at Awentree ( and @awentree on instagram) including an altar and meditation suggestions.


Pertinent Links:

@wildmysticwoman aka Layla Saad inspired this podcast episode. She has a podcast too!

Racism is bad for your health article:


Children aren’t born racist article:


Episode 9 of the Queer Witch Podcast “Soul Mates & Codependency":


The Queer Witch Community Facebook Group



Podcast Episode 9: Soul Mates and Codependency

On this episode, Anna Joy takes listeners on a philosophic journey, drawing connections between past lives, reincarnation, codependency, #couplegoals and soul mates, to bring you some relationship advice you may never have received before- at least not in these words! If you are in a relationship of any kind that is important to you or that frustrates you beyond belief, this episode is a must-listen.


Anna also gives a teaser at the end of the episode for next week’s episode which is an interview with Valeria, the Mexican Witch @themexicanwitch on instagram! Be sure to check her feed out and get the popcorn ready for next week!


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instagram: @annajoyhealing


Podcast Episode 7: Internet Censorship & Uranus in Taurus with Anna Joy

In this personal episode of the Queer Witch Podcast, Anna Joy discusses her experience with having her Facebook ads censored due to supposed “sexual content” - sexual content that was nowhere to be! Hear that story and how Anna Joy feels it connects to the issue of Internet censorship, net neutrality and SESTA-FOSTA.


In the second part of the episode, Anna Joy describes the May 15, 2018 transit of Uranus from Aries into Taurus, what that means for us individually and as a society, and how you can learn more.


The Savage Lovecast episode Anna references is here:


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