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Podcast 23: The Science of Witchcraft with Anna Joy

Anna Joy is a witch professor

Anna Joy is a witch professor

Metafiction and Metaphysics?

Join host Anna Joy for a solo episode where they nerd out about the various scientific evidences there is for witchcraft being a real phenomenon and not make believe.

First, we discuss Anna Joy’s life directly before she discovered she was a witch: she was a creative writing student highly interested in the genre of metafiction.

We discuss such authors as:

Sheila Heti

Ben Lerner

James Joyce

David Foster Wallace

Jean Luis Borges

And get into why and how metafiction catapulted Anna Joy into realizing she was a REAL ACTUAL WITH WITH MAGICKAL POWERS HOLY SHIT!

Then we get into all kinds of fun and interesting scientific lessons, such as Dr. Masaru Emoto’s water experiements (read all about that here: http://www.masaru-emoto.net/english/water-crystal.html) and the documentary Memory Hackers and the subject of neuroplasticity (watch the documentary here:


Ultimately, the thesis of this episode is that we all have control over our own actions and that’s basically what witchcraft is. This episode was presided over by Hecate, the goddess of the crossroads, choice and witchcraft.

Visit www.annajoyhealing.com/science to get a special pdf download that includes practical guidance on how to integrate the lessons we covered in today’s episode as well as a special tarot spread made by Hecate herself!

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