Uranus Moves Into Taurus

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Uranus is known by superstition as the planet of shock and surprise. Traditionally, Uranus transits were identified as times of potential chaos, times to be wary and careful, because in an instant your life could crumble out beneath you and give way to something totally unexpected.


Call me untraditional, but I don’t see this as something to fear. Especially during a time and a season in humanity when the present reality can often be hard to bear, with its violence, oppression, deadly materialism and lack of empathy. Why, in 2018, wouldn’t we want a transformative change on the deepest level?

photo by Kyra Jean Photography

photo by Kyra Jean Photography


In modern astrology, and in the compassionate and shame-free, scare-free astrology that I call home, Uranus merely means doing things differently. Waking up one day and saying, “you know that thing that has held me back for years, that one thing that I can’t quite shake even though I’m sick and tired of it because it somehow makes me feel part of tradition, part of society? I’m ready to say goodbye.”


In life, and in trauma, we often hold onto habits, patterns, people and communities that do not serve us any longer. This is not because we are too weak-willed to move on; it is because those habits, patterns, people and communities make us feel tethered to life. Without them, we might float away. We cannot imagine a life without these tethers, and thinking of the absence of our lives the way we know them can feel akin to death.


Uranus is here to say there is always new life as the old one crumbles away. There is always a new, better way of doing things. We have just not tried it yet. Uranus is here to say the changes we seek are terrifying not because they herald destruction and an absence of life, but because we want them so badly. We want them so badly but are afraid they are not possible. So we are content to sit, maintain as much functionality as possible in this life that no longer serves us, and wait for those changes to appear only in our dreams and fantasies.


Fortunately, Uranus doesn’t have the power to change our entire lives; only we do. Uranus only has the power to highlight and open the gates to the areas of our lives we crave and fear change the most. And as always: we have the final say. Uranus can do its best to tempt us, but only we can make the decision to follow through.


Uranus in Aries:

From March 2011 to May 15, 2018, Uranus has been in the sign of Aries. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, the infant child in all of us, represented by the initial cry of awareness: “I am”. Uranus in Aries had us completely redesigning and renegotiating our sense of self, our essential presence in the world. Re-discovering our urges, for life, for love, for comfort. We have been like newborn children, exploring tastes, feelings, sensations and desires, sampling the fruits and salts of this new land.

The Emperor Card - Image by Anna Joy

The Emperor Card - Image by Anna Joy


On a societal level, we have seen a radical change in the institution of patriarchy over the last seven years. Aries is represented by the Emperor card, and when reversed, the Emperor card speaks to the negative application of ruling masculine energy: patriarchal control. In the final months of Uranus in Aries, we have seen a radical transformation in the way we not only relate to but simply discuss masculine energy. From the #metoo movement to a recent trend (as Uranus hits its final, most transformative degree of Aries) of actually allowing for the healing, grace and humanity of our masculine parts. This transformation will take a practical, functional turn as Uranus moves into the grounded, earth sign of Taurus.


Uranus in Taurus:

Uranus moves into the sign of Taurus on May 15, 2018 and will remain there until April 2018. Taurus is the sign of possessions and partnership, maturing and deeping the infant Aries’ connection to the world around them. During this transit, we can expect opportunities to radically change our relationship to other people and the earthly world. The way we treat our bodies, finances, friends and lovers, and the Earth itself, will have so much more room for experimentation and change than it ever has in our lifetimes.


On a personal level, this means that any changes we’ve been attempting to exact on our financial and/or love lives (because you know those two are always related) will become closer to our grasp and, if we choose, we can plunge into the unknown of what our lives will look like in the wake of these changes. What relationships styles, financial resources, material possessions and commitments have we been dreaming of but which seem too grand for the life we’re living today?


On a societal level, we will move from the radical disruption of the very core of our society that Aries in Uranus heralded and push those changes into the physical, tangible, resourceful and practical world of Taurus. We can certainly except a radical transformation in the way we treat both the land and each other. Perhaps we will find a way to integrate intersectional feminism with ecofeminism and finally transform the important conversations we’ve been having about oppression and marginalization from ignited sparring matches on the Internet to practical, physical changes in our Earth and society. Certainly, we can expect a radical change in our financial systems and treatment of one another as human beings. It’s fairly easy to look at these transits and predict the fall of capitalism, institutions of slavery and gender inequality; however the nature of Uranus is such that we cannot anticipate what those changes will look like, only how they’ll feel.


photo by Kyra Jean Photography

photo by Kyra Jean Photography

One thing is for sure, in my book: no matter what changes befall our society in the realm of Uranus in Taurus, the result will be healing. The world is built of love and we as a society are waking up to it after thousands of years in darkness. The very best we can do is get in touch with our own selves, look at what changes we’ve make over the last seven years, give gratitude, and honor ourselves and the circumstances that have pushed us to change. Then take a compassionate and honest look at the changes we crave the most for ourselves over the next seven years.


For the only people we can control are us. For the only changes we can make are those within our own field of influence. And the only love spell we can cast is to fall more deeply in love with ourselves. Our responsibility today lies in assessing how our personal desires can lead to the transformation of the world around us. Do not wait to get review those desires and how they’ve changed over the last seven years.



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