Witchcraft Activism with David Salisbury

I'm back from the underworld, Queer Witches! Welcome to a new episode of the Queer Witch Podcast featuring a fascinating interview with David Salisbury, author of Witchcraft Activism. 

We discuss:

-The connection between witchcraft and activism

-How to deal with burnout 

-How marginalized communities can use witchcraft and activism

-A short story about the Goddess Aradia


But first, Anna Joy comes in with a brief yet juicy astrological update all about the month of April - Queer Witches, this month is full of opportunities to create and live your fantasy, as long as you remember to take care of yourself and rely on your community.


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New Moon Tarot Spread:

David Salisbury via

David Salisbury via

Pictureplane on Creative Expression and Community

This week we have an interview with Travis Egedy, aka Pictureplane, who recently released Degenerate, which you will hear a few tracks from throughout the show.

Pictureplane via

Pictureplane via

Before the interview, Anna Joy discusses the astrology of the present moment, including the Full Moon Lunar eclipse that occurred on January 21, 2019 and what it means for the rest of the year starting with Aquarius season.

They discuss:

-The concept of a “cusp” in  astrology and whether or not it is real

-Working with polarities or opposite signs- e.g. Cancer-Capricorn

-What Aquarius season is all about

Then, we dive into the interview with Pictureplane, who discusses the creative process as a magical act, his supernatural experiences while living in New Mexico and Colorado, theories about ancient civilizations, the oppressive force of Christianity and capitalism, and how he maintains his spiritual health by constantly creating art and connecting with community.

the cover for “Degenerate” Pictureplane’s most recent album

the cover for “Degenerate” Pictureplane’s most recent album

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Shamanism with Chiron Armand

This week we have a wonderful interview with Chiron Armand of Impact Shamanism.

But first a few announcements:

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-CW: ableism and neurodivergence: Anna Joy gives some commentary and content warnings about discussions of insanity, craziness, madness etc. as it pertains to this podcast

Then we have a nice juicy convo with Chiron Armand, including:

-what a shaman is and why there is controversy over the term in the modern age.

-important definitions of terms like “Shamanic Practitioner” and “Shaman”

-Chiron explains the death and sickness aspect of shamanism and his own story of shaman sickness.

-Advice for people who are questioning what their gifts, or really their life purpose, are and how to use them.

-The reason why a lack of initiation or coming of age ceremonies in our society keeps many of us trapped within our child emotional body, attempting to fulfill childhood needs such as love, not being abandoned, etc.

-The way colonization, racism and classism prevents us from celebrating one another. “We should all pick someone in our lives and schedule a time to celebrate them”

-The tricky topic of what happens when spirits from cultures you do not belong to call you to work with them, including the work of stripping racial identities away from spiritual work. “Whiteness literally just exists to abstract all of us from ourselves and each other”

-We have a rich discussion about cultural appropriation, including smudging and ancestral work.

“If you want to cause trouble to this administration, call in your ancestors”

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RUUNE Returns: Neptune in Babylon

This week, we are catching up with RUUNE, a guest from Season 1, Episode 2. RUUNE recently moved from Western MA to Portland. We discuss the differences between both places, catch up with RUUNE about their work, and get some intimate info about where they are at now with their attitudes toward healing, cultural appropriation and magick.

We discuss:

-What it’s like when a magickal practice that you used to love starts feeling icky

-How to approach healing when you’re pretty sure complete healing is impossible

-RUUNE takes us on a personal narrative about how he observed the alt-right come into power in part via chaos magick and how we’re literally living through a political witch war right now.

-RUUNE discusses his upcoming album, Neptune in and premieres a song for us called “Divination”

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Podcast Episode 24: Love is LOVE with Tonya Gonzalez

Podcast Episode 24: Love is LOVE with Tonya Gonzalez

In profound timing, this week we bring you a powerful episode with Tonya Gonzalez, a seasoned tarot reader. Tonya brings us through her story of being a young single mother and school librarian, to traveling the world educating people of all walks of life about the powerful mysteries of the Tarot. Today, Tonya has two decades of experience as a tarot educator, life coach and sensuality expert under her belt.

Podcast Episode 22: Wheel of the Year Work with Maeanna Welti

Podcast Episode 22: Wheel of the Year Work with Maeanna Welti

This episode is a must-listen for any queer witch out there who has ever felt like maybe being a human is a bit of a drag. Maeanna gives really incredible insight on the special, magickal, spiritual powers we have not in spite of, but BECAUSE of our human forms. This is wheel of the year work, witches!

Podcast Episode 19: Nonbinary Tarot with Casey Wait

This week is all about Tarot. First, Anna Joy introduces a new segment (complete with a jingle by Molly @thefirebrandwitch) called “Dispelling New Age Bullshit” and gives a historically accurate response to the commonly held myths about the Tarot deck, where it originated, and who came first: playing cards or the Tarot.


Then we move into a wonderful interview with Casey Wait, creator of the Flower People Tarot, a nonbinary Tarot deck. We discuss Casey’s upbringing within Christianity, what inspired them to create their own decks, some stories about the swords suit, the Ace of Cups, and other specific Tarot cards that Casey has found prominent during their deck design and in living life. We also get into the importance of avoiding cultural appropriation within Tarot, and nerd out a little bit on some history (what do you think inspired the new segment?)

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Hello, World!

Podcast Episode 17: Christopher Penczak and The New Age

Podcast Episode 17: Christopher Penczak and The New Age

You may have discovered Christopher Penczak’s ( works on the shelves of your favorite metaphysical book store or on the Internet. His books, including “City Magick” and “The Witch’s Shield”, are bestselling in the pagan community for good reason. He’s thoughtful, patient, and never draws conclusions without proper research and citation. Plus, he’s been in the game since the late 90s! He is also, as you may have guessed, queer as fuck! Anna Joy and Christopher sat down during Taurus season to discuss magick, queerness, metaphysics and the New Age for the audience of the Queer Witch Podcast. Today this episode comes to you through the magick of the Internet (which we discuss in the interview).