Podcast Episode 9: Soul Mates and Codependency

On this episode, Anna Joy takes listeners on a philosophic journey, drawing connections between past lives, reincarnation, codependency, #couplegoals and soul mates, to bring you some relationship advice you may never have received before- at least not in these words! If you are in a relationship of any kind that is important to you or that frustrates you beyond belief, this episode is a must-listen.


Anna also gives a teaser at the end of the episode for next week’s episode which is an interview with Valeria, the Mexican Witch @themexicanwitch on instagram! Be sure to check her feed out and get the popcorn ready for next week!


To contact Anna Joy:


email: annajoy@annajoyhealing.com

instagram: @annajoyhealing

website: www.annajoyhealing.com

Podcast Episode 8: Interfaith Prayer with Joshua Berkowitz

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In this week's interview, Anna Joy interviews Joshua Berkowitz, a psychic reader, astrologer and spiritual healer who, in Anna's words, is the most theologically-minded millennial she's met! In this in-depth interview, Joshua is kind enough to share alot about:


-being magickal as a Jewish man


-the limitations of the theory of the law of attraction within the mundane world and how each person has their own experience with it


-the subtleties of gender identity as someone who has lived as a woman and is now called to explore a non-toxic masculinity


-the tomboy/sissy dynamic and how our society rewards maleness and punishes femaleness


-how religion has historically created a caste system that queer witches must thoughtfully rise up against it without demonizing the people who suffer because of it


and finally, Anna Joy's fave subject:


-SHAME and whether or not our trauma has meaning!


Joshua can be reached at @jwmberkowitz on instagram or find his website www.jwmberkowitz.com

Special Addendum: After Joshua and I recorded this episode, we both had some questions about the statement that white spiritual practitioners should make their services more accessible to people of color. After some more discussion and research, we realized there is a lot more complexity to this issue than we addressed in our discussion. Specifically, it is important to understand that people of color have their own cultural spiritual practices that we as white practitioners should never attempt to overshadow. Rather than offering unrequested reduced rates for people of color, we feel it is more important for white practitioners to incorporate financial reparations to communities of color. Giving back financially and energetically to communities who’s spiritual practices have been marginalized and appropriated by white spirituality is far more important than advertising  services to people of color. If anyone has questions or suggestions about this topic that they would like addressed on the Queer Witch podcast, please send them to annajoy@annajoyhealing.com. We thank you for your attention! 

Podcast Episode 7: Internet Censorship & Uranus in Taurus with Anna Joy

In this personal episode of the Queer Witch Podcast, Anna Joy discusses her experience with having her Facebook ads censored due to supposed “sexual content” - sexual content that was nowhere to be! Hear that story and how Anna Joy feels it connects to the issue of Internet censorship, net neutrality and SESTA-FOSTA.


In the second part of the episode, Anna Joy describes the May 15, 2018 transit of Uranus from Aries into Taurus, what that means for us individually and as a society, and how you can learn more.


The Savage Lovecast episode Anna references is here:https://www.savagelovecast.com/episodes/598#.Wvoq4dMvxTY


To contact Anna Joy email annajoy@annajoyhealing.com or find her on instagram at @annajoyhealing. Find the podcast at @thequeerwitchpodcast.


To learn more about Anna Joy’s special Uranus in Taurus services, visit www.annajoyhealing.com/uranus

Podcast Episode 6: Femme Magick with Rae Maltz of Wild Femme Designs


This week I bring you a lovely interview with Rae Maltz of Wild Femme Designs. We discuss:


-getting into magick as a kid through faeries


-dealing w femmephobia as a witch who loves jewelry


-Emergence & the importance of recognizing the context of your magick




I also talk about the May 15, 2017 transit of Uranus into Taurus & how to build that into your astrology practice.


To learn more about my Uranus in Taurus offering visit https://www.annajoyhealing.com/uranus


To connect with Rae:


Rae’s Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/shop/WildFemmeDesigns


Rae’s Instagram: @wildfemmedesigns

Rae’s art opening is at Acadia Herbals in Northampton, MA on May 11. Find more info here:https://www.acadiaherbals.com/

Podcast Episode 5: The Desire & Anxiety Connection

In this solo episode, Anna Joy offers her experiences & conclusions about the connection between desire & anxiety, how her personal healing work helped her understand how to approach anxiety. She also shares some techniques that are easy to build into your own healing practice to help expand your desire and manage your anxiety.


Plus, Anna Joy leads you on a short guided meditation from the book “Make Magic of Your Life: Passion, Purpose and the Power of Desire” by T Thorn Coyle, which you can listen to again & again.


The name of Anna Joy's Akashic Record practitioner, also known as Soul Realignment, is Karen Sikorski and her work can be found at https://soulighthealing.com/


The name of Anna Joy's shamanic healer is Elise Hayden-Ferdman and she can be reached at stregananda@gmail.com


To work with Anna Joy, email her at annajoy@annajoyhealing.com or DM her on instagram @annajoyhealing. There is even a coupon for $10 off your first tarot reading or reiki session for being a follower of the podcast. The code is PODCAST and is redeemable for services at www.annajoyhealing.com

Podcast Episode 4: Iyawo Oyá (Geovanny Manrique Interiano)

Today, I bring you a super valuable episode of the Queer Witch Podcast with Geovanny Manrique Interiano, who I will refer to as Iyawo because he recently was initiated into his religion, Santería!

What’s super unique about Iyawo is that his predominant spiritual contact is through dead people! He is a medium and espiritista who has had contact with the other side since he was a little baby, which he tells you all about. Iyawo was also gracious enough to give us a personal narrative of his path to discovering the right mentors and connecting with the ile (or house) that he was initiated into! He also describes the cultural diffusion of Santería as it was brought in slave ships and then dispersed across the new world. Then, we get into the connection between coming out as queer and coming out as a witch, how all religions are steeped in the dynamics of the dominant culture, and our thoughts on how and why the millennial generation is having a spiritual awakening.

Also, Iyawo has suggested a very special segment for upcoming episodes of The Queer Witch Podcast where you, the listener, can ask a question and have it answered by us! So stay tuned to the end of the episode to find out how you can participate.

To contact Iyawo for questions, tarot readings or guidance, you can find him on Facebook (Geovanny Manrique Interiano) or on Instagram @brujxs_cauldron

To submit a question for me & Iyawo to answer on the podcast, email annajoy@annajoyhealing.com or dm (and follow!) the podcast's instagram @thequeerwitch

Podcast Episode 3: Healing From Shame

One of the most common techniques I use in my personal healing practice and with my clients is shame reduction. Anyone with a marginalized identity, such as a queer one, will understand this. Shame is often something that we learned to feel about our authentic expressions from a very young age. In this solo episode, I share my understanding of shame as it manifests in an energetic context and some techniques for addressing it head on.