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The Queer Witch Coven

You’ve accepted that you are a Queer Witch, yet you feel confused about where to begin your magickal studies. What techniques should you be learning? Where should you put your efforts? How can you learn about your magick without causing harm to others or yourself? And most of all, where can you go to learn magick in a space that does not erase or police your queer identity?

Your answer is The Queer Witch Coven!

The Queer Witch Coven is a combination of a private Facebook community and online school hosted and facilitated by professional Queer Witch & healer, Anna Joy, based on a monthly subscription model.

Here’s what’s included (so far):

-A monthly 90-minute prerecorded Astrological forecast + group Tarot reading uploaded to the membership content area at the beginning of each month.

-A monthly livestream-based group spell on each Full Moon with instructions on how to participate given in advance.

-A member's-only, structured discussion space where Coven members can ask questions, trade spells and learn from one another in a moderated, inclusive and supportive space.

-Immediate access to Anna Joy’s signature Queer & Nonbinary Astrology Course (read about it here:, and Anna Joy’s four-part article on Ancestral Veneration, plus access to any updates and future courses Anna Joy creates.


To make this Coven as accessible as possible while maintaining the energetic exchange neccessary for Anna Joy to spend the time and energy to fascilitate this space, multiple sliding scale payment options are available at a range of $20-70 monthly or $220-$770 yearly. To learn about the sliding scale options and enroll in the Queer Witch Coven, click the button below