If you're here reading about Reiki, chances are you could use some. Reiki is truly something that cannot be explained or understood except through experience, but I'll still do my best anyhow:

Reiki is the current of pure love.

Basically, Reiki works to balance out the energetic body which is composed of spinning wheels, known as chakras. As we go through life, bits and pieces of our experiences accumulate in our energetic system. I use Reiki, a safe and loving energy, to essentially flush out those experiences so that everything stays running smoothly and there's room for new experiences! 

Reiki has been accessible at different times in history (they say that Jesus and Buddha both had the gift of healing touch) but the particular way I have been trained to use this current -known as Usui Reiki- was discovered by one Dr. Usui in Japan after some serious meditation in search of enlightenment. You can read more about Dr. Usui here

Often during a Reiki session with me, people experience tingling or heat in certain parts of their bodies or chakras as the energy clears. Personally, when I get Reiki, I tend to notice random emotions come up as they clear from my energetic body. It feels really good and safe. Many times, I will also include crystals, plant medicines and/or divination tools such as oracle cards in a Reiki session to boost and specify the effects.



-Reiki sessions are available IN-PERSON or AT A DISTANCE for the same rate!-