Spiritual Services

All spiritual services offered by Anna Joy are approached from a gender-inclusive, nonbinary, queer framework and dedicated to anti-capitalist, anti-oppressive and anti-colonial notions of personal healing and self-actualization.



When you are feeling disoriented, unclear about your path and lacking in clear direction, the Tarot creates crisp lines, clear concepts and straightforward objectives. Utilize the power of narrative to clarify your journey today by booking a Tarot reading with Anna Joy.



When you’re feeling down on yourself or just simply unsure of your value in the world, a Natal Chart Reading done by a skilled and compassionate astrologer can prove exactly why you came here to Earth and with what tools you brought. Discover the secrets your Natal Chart holds with an Astrology Consultation today



When you are feeling energetically depleted or overwhelmed, it can be really difficult to slow down and be present. Reiki services with Anna Joy, a licensed Reiki Master-Teacher, can help gently move energy throughout your physical body and allow for release and refreshment.

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Anna Joy is a millennial Queer Witch and healer

with over two years of professional experience providing Tarot readings, Reiki treatments and Natal Chart Readings to hundreds of clients throughout Western Massachusetts and the Internet.