Are you ready to get paid for your spiritual offerings?

You’ve been called deeply to share your magick with the world and get compensated for it., but you just aren’t sure where to focus or how to start.

You know any monetization of your magick needs to come from a place of spiritual alignment and are afraid that developing your business will dilute your magick

You’ve gotten amazing feedback from the people you’ve helped so far, and you know there is something to the offers you’re providing, but you still find yourself scared to take the next step.

The Sovereign Witch is a 10-Week Incubator program led by Anna Joy designed for witches who are ready to get financial compensation for their spiritual services, reach a wider audience of clients and fans, and feel good about it all!

With the Sovereign With Program you will:

-Feel confident making an offer to clients and being visible as a witch

-Understand what steps to take to monetize your services

-Have support from others and step out of the broom closet

Here’s how it works:

-Each week for 10 weeks you will receive a lesson packet designed by Anna Joy to aid you in simultaneously healing your blocks to putting your magick out there and learning the practical techniques needed to reach an audience with an offer, from branding to funnels to launching. Take a look at the schedule

-Every week for 10 weeks, you will have access to a live group coaching session led by Anna Joy through Zoom.

-You will have access to a Facebook Group and Mighty Networks Community specifically for members of The Sovereign Witch

-All participants of The Sovereign Queer will continue to have access to each lesson plus future updates to lessons as these resources are fine-tuned and improved.

This program will run for the first time from October 27th, 2019 - January 4th, 2020


I’m Anna Joy, a millennial Queer Witch and soul-centered entrepreneur

I have been monetizing my magick in a way that feels good to both me and my clients for years, and have been supporting myself full-time with my magick for 14 months.

I have supported several witches to heal their witch wound and make their services available and I want to help you too.

I have over four years as a spiritual service provider and almost a decade in sales, marketing and customer service.

I host The Queer Witch Podcast which has over 50,000 downloads and reaches thousands of witches each month.

Anna Joy has helped me deeply define my witchcraft for myself and therefore for the greater benefit of those I seek to help.
— Client testimonial

Are you ready to support yourself with your magick?

The investment for The Sovereign Witch is $1200 total with multiple payment plans available. Please select a payment plan below.


12 monthly payments of $100.


6 monthly payments of $200


3 monthly payments of $400

The deadline to join is October 27th, 2019. Still not sure? Reach out to Anna Joy by emailing or book a clarity call today