Sometimes we need an objective third party to help draw out our innermost truths, but that doesn’t change what they are- our truths, to have, recognize, and decide against if we choose to.


I'm big into using astrology and tarot as tools for empowerment, and that means you ultimately get to decide what they mean to you.


I would never dream of telling someone that I know their situation better than they do, but you will still get those good goosebumps and "omg how did they know that? Are they a mind reader?!?" type of spiritual vibes that a tarot reading should offer! 


Life is truly a choose-your-own adventure type of situation.

I help you choose.

I never make unwarranted claims about the future or judgements about the past. You wont find me telling you who to date or which job to take. 


What you will find in a tarot reading with me is affirmation. No matter what your feelings or desires are, I hold space for them.


Often, my clients smile at the end of their readings and say “it was nothing I didn’t already know,” and it’s a good thing; it proves to them that they have power and autonomy in their own narratives.



Our lives and situations change, and nothing is set in stone. My work is to offer you a reading that reflects that.