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Season 2 Episode 2:

Shamanism with Chiron Armand

This week we have a wonderful interview with Chiron Armand of Impact Shamanism.

 Chiron Armand of Impact Shamanism

Chiron Armand of Impact Shamanism

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Then we have a nice juicy convo with Chiron Armand, including:

-what a shaman is and why there is controversy over the term in the modern age.

-important definitions of terms like “Shamanic Practitioner” and “Shaman”

-Chiron explains the death and sickness aspect of shamanism and his own story of shaman sickness.

-Advice for people who are questioning what their gifts, or really their life purpose, are and how to use them.

-The reason why a lack of initiation or coming of age ceremonies in our society keeps many of us trapped within our child emotional body, attempting to fulfill childhood needs such as love, not being abandoned, etc.

-The way colonization, racism and classism prevents us from celebrating one another. “We should all pick someone in our lives and schedule a time to celebrate them”

-The tricky topic of what happens when spirits from cultures you do not belong to call you to work with them, including the work of stripping racial identities away from spiritual work. “Whiteness literally just exists to abstract all of us from ourselves and each other”

-We have a rich discussion about cultural appropriation, including smudging and ancestral work.

“If you want to cause trouble to this administration, call in your ancestors”

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